That is the sound of inevitability

One random day in 1999, I decided to go see a movie.  I wasn’t going to see a specific film, I just wanted to sit in the dark, eat popcorn and be entertained for a couple of hours.  In case you couldn’t tell by my whiteboard choices, I’m a huge movie fan.  Going to the movies at that time was a lot different than going now…  No Rotten Tomatoes.  No smartphones.  It was also easier to stay spoiler-free, especially for a person like me who loves movies and is interested in movie news but wants to go in relatively blind.  The only movie playing within an hour of me getting there was The Matrix.  I knew next to nothing about it other than Keanu was in it.  I’ve seen a TON of movies in the theater and enjoyed most of them but I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve had my mind truly blown at the cinema.  The Matrix was one of those.  It was unlike anything I’d ever seen and was a mash-up of things that are right in my wheelhouse.  Dystopian sci-fi, badass fight scenes, incredible effects, and a twisting plot that only got weirder as you move further into the movie.  I don’t feel like the Wachowskis really stuck the landing with Matrix Revolutions but we did get a titanic Neo/Smith battle that was gorgeously filmed.  Here’s my rendition of it.