Say what you will about the cheesy horror movies of the 80’s but there is one element of them we can all agree on.  The monster imagination and creativity on display was really something else.  Pinhead from Hellraiser truly falls into the ‘nightmare fuel’ category.  I work with quite a few people who are younger than me that don’t recognize half the stuff I put on my board but as soon as this guy went up they were all, “Oh!  The guy with the pins in his head!  I know that guy!”  Of course, nostalgia allows us to gloss over a lot of terrible things in movies and tv shows.  People seeing Hellraiser for the first time now might laugh more than they get frightened.  But there is something about Pinhead that transcends that.  He’s legit scary, even if the effects around him aren’t so great.  Here are some progress shots.