Cubicleism.  The cube is a space is small but it’s yours.  You will spend a lot of time in it doing work.  It is important to do something to personalize your cube so it can be unique, just like everyone else.

This is how I choose to do it.  Do  some art, educate, erase the hell out of it, and do some more.

In case you were wondering…

1.  I only do this for 2-5 minutes a day, usually first thing while the computer is firing up.  I don’t spend all day doing this as I’d like to keep my job.  :)  Some days I don’t even touch it.

2.  They average taking about 6 weeks to finish.  Slow going but it’s a good exercise in patience.

3.  I buy my own markers so I’m not depleting our company’s dry erase marker supply.

4.  I’m not using any special markers, just your run of the mill Quartet, Marks-a-lot, etc.

5.  It’s less painful erasing them than you think… I’m usually excited to get to the next one.

6.  Always looking for requests and ideas.

About the artist:

My name is Bill Taylor and I have more hobbies than I have hours in the day.  I’m a creativity junkie, I love to make something from nothing.  I’m just getting back into art after years of putting it on the shelf for music and my band (  Being able to flip back and forth from music to art is great, it keeps me from burning out on one thing.  This blog and the dry erase drawings were an excuse to get back to drawing every day and reconnecting with art.  Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.

Other things by me:  –  My band, The Kingsbury Manx  –  A webcomic about a guy stuck in a neverending hallucinatory trip.  –  A webcomic done in the style of caution signs.